Meatball Machine

UDKOMMER KUN PÅ VOD (er dog inkluderet på “Meatball Machine Kodoku DVD-udgivelsen som bonusfilm)

Yoji is a lonely guy with no friends or girlfriend who works at a small factory. However, he secretly falls in love with a girl named Sachiko who works at a factory across the river. Both has secrets within them and gradually gets attracted to each other. In the mean time, mysterious objects secretly invade the earth. They parasite in human beings and changes them to hideous monsters and control over their feelings. In order to survive, the so-called “Necro-borg” fights each other until the other dies. The Necro-borg’s next target was Sachiko. What are their purposes? What will happen to Yoji and Sachiko? Their fierce battle for survival begins…


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Tekniske detaljer

  • Audio
    Japansk Dolby Digital 2.0 & 5.1
  • Format
    Widescreen 16×9


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